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“Let Us be Good & Faithful Servants”

multiply the talents given to us make your pledge and dedicate an icon today


Pledges will be accepted until all icons have been dedicated.

Icons will be dedicated on a first come, first served basis. They may be dedicated by multiple people; however, we pray you open your hearts and minds to trust in God that by being faithful over these icons, these “few things”, we may be placed over much and enter into the joy of our Lord.



To make your pledge,

Contact Fr. Chris or any member of the Iconography Committee directly or email iconproject@stnicholassteelton.org


Pledges and dedications can also be made by clicking HERE


Beloved Brothers and Sisters,

Greetings in He Who emptied Himself of the Glory of the Father, put on our flesh by the Holy Spirit and the Virgin Mary, and became man, revealing the Holy Trinity to us, Christ our True God.


Every good thing and every perfect thing comes from above—from the Father of Lights—as St. James reminded us.  God has provided us with the resources and vision to pursue the installation of Divine Light in His honor here at St. Nicholas.  He also provided us with Steve and Anna Katic, whose generous donation enabled us to begin this endeavor of offering the very talents with which He has blessed us; for this project—beautifying the Church with Iconography—is exactly that:  utilizing and multiplying the talents given to us.


Just as many hands make light work, the successful completion of a project of this magnitude is not the work of one or two stewards, but of the entire community.  Thus, while not everyone will be putting paintbrush to canvas, there are ways for everyone to participate – primarily by offering and dedicating icons in the programme for the memory of loved ones, or for the health of friends and/or family. At the completion of the project a beautiful book with pictures of the icons and lists of contributors under each, including those for whom the icon was donated to the Church, will be published.


In preparation for the icons, much has occurred this past season in our parish. His Grace, our Bishop IRINEJ, has blessed the iconographic programme, the plan for which icons will be in the Church, and where they will be located.  This is also defined by certain canons of the Church, which must be followed to ensure that we properly depict the Incarnate Christ and His Church. Preparation of the Church for the icons is almost complete.  This special edition of the parish messenger will review the renovation and preparation of the Church, the icon programme, as well as offer a way for you to participate in this beautiful project.


May the Incarnate Lord, God and Savior, Jesus Christ, bless all of you with a deeper awareness of His Self-emptying Love for you, as we continue with our Iconography Project!


In Christ’s Love,

Fr. Christopher


A Note from Our President

My Dear Church Family,


May this message be one of praise and worship to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit; a prayer of thanks for the bountiful blessings He has lovingly bestows on each of us and our beloved church.  And for everyone in our family; for the time, talent, and treasure offered with love for Christ and His church.


May the peace that comes from God continue to guide us, guard us, and govern our thoughts and feelings, our words and deeds. May His peace fill our hearts, our homes, and our families.