Church Slava 2015 - 05/17/15

A warm sun and a cool breeze greeted the faithful that came to celebrate the 112th Slava Celebration here at St. Nicholas Serbian Orthodox Church in Oberlin-Steelton, PA on Sunday, May 17, 2015.  The celebration began with the Holy Liturgy, offering the faithful an opportunity to be united to Christ by receiving His Holy Body & Blood.  The festivities continued with the Slava Procession around the Church, blessing each side in cross-wise fashion.

This year, our honored kumovi were Ferris (Jake) & Jody Atty, who carried the Kolach (Slava Bread) and Koljevo (Wheat) during the procession.  The Atty’s have been and continue to be valued Stewards of our St. Nicholas community, serving as integral members of many different ministry committees.  After the Liturgy, Procession and Slava Service, the faithful gathered together for a Fellowship Banquet in the Church Hall to continue the feast.

We give thanks to God for our Kumovi, for Paula Werner, our Slava Chairperson, and for all of our Stewards!  May God continue to bless His Church here in Oberlin-Steelton, through the prayers of our Holy Father Nicholas, the Wonderworker of Myra and Lycea!