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Mother's Club

In 1956, under the guidance of the late Very Rev. Dr. Kristovoj Kotur, 40 women formed the Mothers Club of the St. Nicholas Serbian Eastern Orthodox Church of Steelton, PA. They drafted and ratified a constitution and by-laws and agreed that the purpose of the Mothers Club would be to promote the welfare of our children,ages 3 to 15 inclusive; students of the Sunday School and youth in the home, school and church; to help the church to do everything possible so that our youth get the proper religious education to secure the material sources for the existence of the Sunday School; and to help make good American citizens of our children. The Blessed Mother of God was adopted as the patron saint of the organization. Its Krsna Slava is celebrated on August 28, the Dormition of the Blessed Mother of God (Uspenije Presvete Bogorodice).

The responsibilities assumed by the Mothers Club are varied. The funding of the Church School is one of the primary responsibilities of the organization. Along with the purchase of all the materials and supplies for the operation of the School, the Mothers Club funds an annual Summer Vacation Bible School, as well as expenses related to students attending Education Day at St. Vladimirs Theological Seminary. The Church School students are often treated to trips, parties, and goodies including the annual Halloween Party, a chocolate Easter cross, an annual Easter Egg Hunt and Orthodox Study Bibles upon graduating from high school.

 Orphans in the former war-torn Yugoslavia have benefited from the support of the Mothers Club as well. The church community, as well as the greater Harrisburg community, looks forward to the annual walnut and poppy seed roll sale. This fundraiser is the primary source of income. It is held every November and kicks off the holiday season. Another annual event that has become a favorite is the Ladies Christmas Dinner Meeting. The women of the parish gather together over a Lenten covered dish and a fun-filled gift exchange of Cut-throat Pollyanna. If you don't know what a cut-throat Pollyanna is, you will just have to come to a Christmas dinner and find out! In the past, the Mothers Club has participated in the Lady Keystone Open Tournament and International Charity Bazaars held in the local community.

 The Mothers Club furnished the Sunday School rooms at the new church site with tables, chairs, carpeting, dividers, and shelves, as well as five icons to decorate the walls and to act as reminders of the Faith and our purpose. As a lasting memorial, the Mothers Club commissioned the Reverend Antim Vulchev, former pastor of the Holy Annunciation Macedonian-Bulgarian Orthodox Church of Steelton, PA, to do a painting of our old church as a gift to the parish. It is intended that it be a visible reminder of our first house of worship. As a gift for the 75th anniversary of the church, a painting of the new church was presented.