What am I supposed to do to receive Holy Communion?


Father Chris, I’m confused about what I’m supposed to do to receive Holy Communion.  Could you clear this up for me?

Receiving the Lord’s Body and Blood, Holy Communion, is the whole reason we are baptized into Christ—so how to prepare is a great question.

If we do not receive Holy Communion every Sunday, then when approaching the Chalice for the first time in more than three weeks we should prepare by fasting the week before receiving (as best as we are able), coming to Vespers and offering our Confession and receiving Absolution, asking forgiveness of those we have offended, and fasting as best as we can from all food and drink from midnight on Saturday, until we receive the Lord.

Once we have entered into this Eucharistic Communion, we then can continue to come to the Chalice each time it is offered.  To maintain our preparation, we should fast all of the fasts of the Church (Wednesdays and Fridays, and the Fasting seasons), come to as many services as we can (Vespers, Matins, etc.), and refrain from sin.

Once we are in the Communion of the Lord, it is not necessary to come to Holy Confession every time we receive the Holy Eucharist.  We should, however, take spiritual inventory at least every 4-6 weeks, and come to be forgiven in Holy Confession.