Stewardship - Why a new offering each year and why must the priest see my offering?

Dear Fr. Chris, why must we complete a new Stewardship Offering every year?

One of the main functions of the Stewardship Offering is to give us an opportunity to spiritually assess our relationship to God.  When discerning our proper offering to God with our family, we should take the time to consider the blessings He has bestowed upon us in the past year, in our lives, and throughout history. 

Thus, it is imperative for this Offering to grow, just as our relationship with God grows.

Also, completing a Stewardship Offering each year enables the Church to properly budget for the coming year.  In our households, we are able to budget what we make for a year, and spend accordingly.  This is just another reason why it is so important for us to accurately make our Offering to the Lord.


Fr. Chris, why is it necessary for the priest to see my Stewardship Offering to God?

A person’s offering is between them and God.  The reason that the priest must be aware of one’s Stewardship commitment to God is because he is responsible for the soul of each and every one of his flock.  As such, in order to ascertain one’s spiritual health, the priest must look at all aspects of one’s life, including Time, Talents and Treasures, as well as one’s relationship to Christ, His Church, and the Holy Mysteries.