Holy Confession (How often and How to prepare)

1) How should we prepare for Holy Confession?

The Mystery of Holy Confession is an opportunity to be re-washed—a renewal of our baptism.  Thus, we should prepare by 1) praying that God reveal our sins to us; 2) fasting to help us in our preparation; 3) taking inventory of our lives and choices.  If necessary, write down the things which are most troubling to your soul, so that you won’t forget, then after Confession, burn/discard the paper.

When preparing for Holy Repentance and Confession, it is important to get into a repentant frame of mind.  First, take some time to fast as best as you are able.  During your fast, increase time for prayer, and pray that your holy Guardian Angel reveal the sins weighing on your soul.

Then, prior to making an appointment for Confession (or prior to coming for Vespers on Saturday evening), analyze your relationships with family, friends and self.  Where anything is lacking, make a note and bring it to confession.  Then, look at your relationship with God, and how committed you are to that relationship.  How do you utilize the gifts He has given you in your time, talents, treasure and tithe?  Are you more focused on Him, and a relationship with Him, or on the things of this world?

Then bring all of the things lacking to confession, asking for God’s Mercy.  Receive His Grace and Forgiveness through the Holy Mystery, and go, unburdened, and with a light yoke, and sin no more!

2) How often should we come to Holy Confession?

We should come to confess our sins on average, every four to six weeks.  If we have sins that are weighing upon our souls in between this, by all means, come to confess them and be forgiven!